Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sakartvelo 2011 - last day

It's a gray, chilly day here in Tbilisi; drizzling off and on.  Our time here in Sakartvello has been full of many joys, times of intense discussion and learning, and definitely blessings. 

Our time doing AVP workshops, working with facilitators here as well as during the youth forum fills my heart with joy and hope for the future.  There is still a huge amount of work to be done; particularly, new facilitators to be trained so that there will be enough who can dedicate time during the week when the younger facilitators are either at their jobs or at University.

I had been looking at meeting with representatives at the US Embassy as simply a courtesy call but was pleasantly surprised to find their willingness to connect us to NGO partners and to be available to us as we move AVP forward.

Our meeting with other Georgian officials were warm and cordial but it's apparant that it will take a great deal more work to show them that AVP is important to add to their offerings.  My personal feeling is that until there are more AVP facilitators to do the work, a delay may be well. 

We continue to search for funding to translate the balance of the AVP basic manual and the remaining three manuals into Georgian.

My Elder and co-facilitator on this trip has shown an amazing capacity for language!  She has learned the Georgian alphabet and frequently sounds out words on various signs along the way.  Because Georgian is written  purely by sound, she is also able to write some words.  I am now challenged to step up my own work - beyond the many words that I have learned to at least semi-fluent level before our return.  Having Turtle traveling with me is definitely one of the blessings of this trip.

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